About Us

People want to work in organisations where the results are getting better all the time and  where things are done very well; where there is a good atmosphere and where people feel valued. This is what we help companies to achieve. Our approach is simple and clear.

Lean Consultant Galway

ARV Excellence Teo is a consulting company based in Galway Ireland. It was founded in 2007.


Indaver started the Better Results Program in January 2013 to do just that – get better results. We knew we could improve things for everyone in the company by using this program, which is actually very logical and simple to understand.The programme is a long term programme which if embedded in an organisation can yield great results and not only do the results get better – the people are more engaged and happier so everyone is a winner. We would recommend the ARV Excellence Program to any organization that wants to improve results and improve the company for the people who work there.” Jenny Keenan HR manager Indaver


Eoin was hired as a consultant for our company to identify the principle reasons behind the loss of material in our supply chain. Eoin’s approach was highly personable and pragmatic and the outcome was that the result of his work significantly advanced our understanding of our manufacturing processes. His work has now become the bedrock of future improvement work in our manufacturing facility and will make a significant contribution to our future success with this product. Many thanks Eoin!” Simon Almeida-Vega, Process Capability Expert (Black Belt), AstraZeneca, Maccelsfield UK writing about Eoin Barry, ARV Excellence Managing Partner.

Start Ups

We were lucky enough to benefit from the ARV Better Results programme at the start up stage of our business. It has been the most beneficial and rewarding activity we have undertaken to date and we are extremely grateful to have experienced the programme at such an early stage in our business and in our careers. The lessons we learnt and took away from the programme were life long and will stay with us forever. As a programme it allowed us to not only clearly identify our goals and vision but to create a framework for a company culture that is accountable, progressive and proactive. Its been over a year since we completed the programme and we still refer to it almost daily. Without any hesitation I recommend the programme to any business – New or old.” Josef Heherow MD Treelight Pictures

A: Accountability. What you do.
R: Reliability. Near perfect products and processes.
V: Velocity. Speed in the right direction.
Excellence: The pursuit that defines us.