Case Studies

Imagine that you could rapidly create ownership, tenacity and a strong bias for action in your teams and do it in such a way that they would thank you for it. Now imagine that everyone in your organisation had that capability. They could use that, quickly get things done, streamline processes and improve your business. That would be a game changer. It is what ARV Excellence helps you achieve.

We work directly for clients or in partnership or on request from other consultancies.

Pharmaceutical Process Yield and Capacity Transformation

A company had a drug-device product that was soon due come off of patent. To support a change in business strategy there was a requirement was to significantly increase output volume. The process was seen as a constraint.

Working with the client’s teams the process was mapped. Critical control points were identified and the sources of loss of material, operating capacity and time were established. Existing validation and quality data was reviewed. Sources of variation were characterised and the impact of lab testing regimes and QA decision making processes on capacity and throughput times evaluated statistically. Ongoing CAPA issues were re-evaluated in a new light and resolved. Process improvement activity was repositioned to move from being responsive to proactive. Recommendations were made in key areas including organisation, workflow and quality assurance risk management.

The client calculated they saved £20M as a result of changes to QA decision making. A staged capacity improvement through tackling yield and throughput efficiencies that exceeded the planned requirements was identified without capital investment.

Power and Gas Lean Business Process Transformation

A large European power and gas supplier was rolling out customer transformation programme with the intent of improving customer satisfaction, reducing cost, lifting gross margin and increasing employee satisfaction. The company had high costs and poor customer satisfaction. The client was using a dual but separate approach of deploying a new way of working and in different areas end to end journey process mapping.

The teams were having mixed results. An ARV Excellence consultant was engaged to provide lean coaching support. The process mapping and approach to lean was re-evaluated. Specific data was collected and a picture of the real end to end process performance was obtained. The value added activity was quantified and compared to the overall time. The team refocused on the total customer experience rather than functional silos. Work flows were reorganised by positively challenging accountabilities and beliefs about the nature of the job and the nature of process improvement.

The client measured a cycle time capability improvement from 6 days to 2.5 hours, rework of greater than 50% reduced to almost nil and capacity almost doubled and customers surveyed were extremely satisfied. The change required no capital investment. The New Way Of Working process was itself stream lined and quickly yielded a further reduction in cycle time to 49min. £1.7 m saving were estimated by the client. Significant sales opportunity also emerged as a strategic benefit of reduced cycle time and increased process agility. The whole customer transformation programme was energised and the approach to it altered.

Problem Solving Supporting Late Stage Product Development

A company had an injectable drug device combination product in late stage of product development. Intermittent performance issues were observed as part of production trials and root cause could not be agreed among the drug producer, operations and device manufacturer. The issue was impacting the product release critical path.

Working closely with the client teams in multiple geographies the available data was reassembled and the processes and product interactions evaluated. Our consultant used a highly structured approach that focused on refining the problem statement and included a combination of process walks, interviews, facilitated brainstorming sessions, constructing cause and effect and interrelationship diagrams, process mapping, critical to quality (CTQ) analysis and fault tree analysis. A meta study of multiple trial data was collated to create a non linear regression model.

The root cause was established. The client programme manager reported that they were “very pleased with the result”.

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