The Better Results Programme: redefining engagement and accelerating change.

Lean business solution: Process transformation through quality, cost and speed.

 Better Results Programme


We believe companies companies can be more competitive, get better results and have a great working atmosphere. How we do this is by training people in what it really means to demonstrate and foster ownership and accountable action. What we do we call Better Results.

The Better Results approach redefines employee engagement. It gives you as a leader the knowledge skills and attitudes necessary to manage the culture of your team; to identify and accelerate the changes needed to achieve your ambitions.

The approach is designed to help your teams to overcome circumstances and to take the action required to get results. Real engagement is problem solving and action; this is what we help you achieve. The benefits are clear: highly engaged employees help their companies outperform the competition’s earnings per share by 140%*.

How it works:

The first step to better results involves one day interactive training seminars where you and you teams learn about the look and feel of ownership and accountable action. You learn the skills and attitudes to address, support and sustain action in a direct way that fosters trust and great working relationships. You and your team learnt to think differently.

In parallel leadership the methodology to accelerate and manage culture shift. You learn to identify why, how and what things in the culture need to be done differently and to speed up the adoption of that change.

The new ways of thinking and the actions that come from these training seminars will help you achieve internal efficiencies, real growth and a great working atmosphere.

What people say:

The most telling and consistent feedback is “things will never be the same again!”.

Participants say “I’ll be better able to achieve my goals” and even “I’ll be happier”. Leaders report an almost instant shift in attitudes and behaviours; away from the blame game and finger pointing and positive changes in performance in response to inevitable changes in the operating environment.

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You need significant practical change to occur to drive the bottom line, improve KPI’s or to deliver on key projects. The ARV Excellence approach to streamlining processes and businesses focuses attention and effort on what creates value for the customer and stakeholders. This is the essence of what it means to be lean.

Respect for people is key and at the centre of the ARV methodology for business transformation; it’s built on the insights of some of the worlds foremost practitioners of lean, the Toyota Production System and Six Sigma.

We work with leaders to link people development, the culture, the internal processes and the customer value proposition of your product or service with the financial outcomes and value proposition to the owners and other stakeholders; employees, the environment and society.

ARV Excellence people have helped companies identify and achieve remarkable rates of return for their business such as helping a pharma company reduce coat of poor quality by £20M/€28M p.a. or a utilities company reduce key process cycle time reduction from 6 days to under 1 hour and achieve a £1.7/€2.38M savings.

Get Better Results from your investment of time and effort to improve internal efficiencies, grow your business and realise your vision.

Call today to discuss to learn how you can achieve not only sustainable breakthroughs in quality, cost and speed but a culture of continuous improvement, real engagement and exceptional performance.



*Gallup 2013

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